I don't know what it was about watching a 100 year old woman's friends help her fondle a male stripper that made me giggle my ass off, but it did. Or maybe I'm just tired, it IS 6:29 in the am.

This spunky old gal lives in a nursing home and when her daughter asked what she wanted for her upcoming 100th birthday, her first request was a seat on a rocket to the moon. Reasonable request? Yes. Affordable? Notsomuch.

So the matron breaks it to grandma that she's probably not going to the moon, what else could they possibly get her to mark such a special occasion. Her response? A stripper.

Her daughter is a good kid (and I use that term loosely) and obliged.  Even better, the old folk's home was all for it and gathered all the gals up in the cafeteria to enjoy the show. 

My two favorite parts:  the dancer's name is "Scorpion" and the birthday girl's friends are actually seen assisting her in fondling this dude's ass.  Good stuff.  Enjoy.

(Side Note to my family:  When I'm 100 years old and request a stripper, I mean the 25 year old female kind, not some British dude.)