Joel Vincent McConnell, 32, has been charged with three felonies, including aggravated kidnapping, assault with a weapon and aggravated assault, after threatening and attacking two women over a methamphetamine drug debt.

Court documents indicate that on March 29, McConnell allegedly threatened Amber Drugge and her husband with a knife. Drugge was in a wheelchair with a broken leg at the time of the incident.

In a separate incident, court documents state that McConnell took Malarie Radabaugh hostage because she had allegedly stolen $200 from him. Radabaugh admitted to police that she wanted to get more methamphetamine from McConnell at the time. After getting into McConnell's car the court documents state that McConnell told Radabaugh "I am going to kill you. I am going to feed your body to the pigs. I am going to rape and kill your kids." Radabaugh told police she was afraid that McConnell would follow through on his threats.

While they were driving back to McConnell's motel room, Radabaugh attempted to jump out of the car. McConnell allegedly pulled her back into the car by her hair and choked her until she passed out. When he got Radabaugh to his room, he forcibly kept her from leaving, having two friends assist him.

"The maximum penalty Mr. McConnell could face is 140 years in prison and up to $150,000 in fines," said Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark on Wednesday, April 3.

McConnell appeared in Missoula justice court Wednesday afternoon and bail was set at $150,000.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark