A dude named Jerry Kajfasz of Buffalo, New York recently made a stop at a convenience store where he typically stops for lottery tickets and cigars. During this particular stop, 53-year-old Jerry requested seven different scratch off lottery tickets. The clerk mistakenly pulled out eight tickets, with the eighth one being a special $20 ticket.  Jerry said he thought $20 was to much to spend on one ticket and returned it to the clerk. 

He then took his seven tickets out to his truck and scratched them off, winning cash on all of them. Jerry decided that since he'd won, he'd go back in and get that eighth ticket he returned, a ticket that he now refers to "the one that almost got away."

That eighth ticket was worth ten million dollars. Jerry split the winnings with his two adult children and will be sharing the rest with his wife and taking his mother on a trip to her homeland of Poland. He and his wife will take 86%, around $450,000 per year for 20 years before taxes. His two children will get about 7%, or about $25,000 each a year.

Pretty good deal, imagine how pissed he would have been to learn that a person who went in right after him had won.