Super Bowl XLVIII on Fox has been confirmed as the most watched television broadcast in U.S. history, that is simply bananas! There were approximately 111.5 million viewers which means around 1 of every 3 Americans were watching.

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Another fun fact, the population of Seattle is 634,000 people, around 700,000 attended the parade on Tuesday. Also, thousands of students and teachers skipped school to attend, as well they should have. Seattle Public Schools said more than 25 percent of the district’s 51,000 students were absent and that 565 teachers also skipped to go to the parade. I don't know how or why it wasn't declared an official holiday.

During the celebration, running back Marshawn Lynch was tossing his favorite treat, Skittles, to the crowd when he noticed a 12th man with a bottle of sweet, delicious Fireball whiskey. In the video you can see him pointing and saying something along the lines of "gimme your Fireball" and of course the fan obliges. There were photos taken showing him actually drinking it too. Cheers Marshawn!