I was thinking, this last weekend, as I was hiking up the side of a mountain. "I wonder if someone would dedicate an album to me If I fell over dead?" That is the story behind the title of the new Mastodon album. Brent Hinds' brother aledgedly died unexpectedly during a hunting trip last year. Leading to the name "The Hunter".
After listening to Curl Of The Burl, I had to buy the album. Just to see if the rest of the album is as good as I hoped. So far, I gotta say it is friggin awesome. It is'nt as "artsie/fartsie" as the previous album (Crack the skye). That album gave me the feeling like I was a hipster stuck in a metal heads body. I felt like the only way I could truly understand it would be to lock myself into a moldy basement filled with blacklights and smoke myself retarded. This album is different. It still harnesses the sound you have come to expect from the Georgia band. Just a little more straight and to the point.