Everyone on this Earth has a woman that they can thank for giving them the "gift of life." Whether she is alive or has moved on, everyone needs to take a moment this weekend and thank that woman. I have a hand full of women in my life that I appreciate. But one woman stands out. MAVIS!!! This lady has put up with my silly ass for 30 years. Not only has she had to put up with me, but also my father and brother ( both veterans *Vietnam and Gulf War*).

Needless to say, she has dealt with a group of rowdy boys for a majority of her life. She deserves more than just "A DAY" to show how much I appreciate her in my life.

That is why I have created a Facebook fan page in honor of the woman who has been known to put fear into the "Toughest Men." My mother is the sweetest/goofiest/no bulls#!t woman you could ever meet. I ask a big favor from all you "Blazers" this weekend. Please "like" my fan page to let my mom know how much she is appreciated this Mother's Day.

I tried my best to think up as many other ideas as possible to make today special for her. I even went as far as calling her and blatantly asking her.

And if just calling your mom isn't enough, you can always make her a card.