Rock Report 11/29

Drowning Pool singer Ryan McCombs is out of the band. The group posted a note on their Facebook page Monday from guitarist C.J. Pierce saying, "We have always been a band who has gained success despite having multiple singers...maybe we suffer from reverse 'lead singer's disease.' Changing things up has not always been easy, but the band has become re-energized time and time again. We are looking to find a new singer who will give both us and, and most importantly our fans, the new adrenaline shot they deserve."  Mmmm, love me some CJ....

McCombs spent part of the fall on tour in the U.K. with his old band Soil celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album Scars. Fans are already speculating that that reunion might become permanent.

McCombs was Drowning Pool's third singer, having replaced Jason "Gong" Jones in 2006. Jones joined Drowning Pool in 2003 following the death of original singer Dave Williams in 2003.

In other “see ya later” news…

Volbeat guitarist Thomas Bredahl is out of the group. The band has posted a statement at that says, "Being in a band is in many ways similar to a marriage with ups and downs. At times you can work it out, and sometimes you need to go separate ways."  Daaaammnnnn dude!

Volbeat will play on Megadeth's Gigantour in January either as a trio or with a replacement guitarist.

Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced the first shows for the U.S. leg of their I'm With You tour. It starts January 25th in Charlotte, North Carolina and hits Raleigh, North Carolina on January 27th; Columbia, South Carolina on January 28th; Duluth, Georgia on January 30th; Greensboro, North Carolina on January 31st; and Memphis, Tennessee on February 3rd. Tickets for these shows go on sale Saturday. More dates will be announced next month.