Official census results are out in the UK. Why do we care? Back in January, 2010, Metal Hammer magazine petitioned to have "heavy metal" recognized as an official religion in the UK. If geeks can write down Jedi, they reasoned, why can't metalheads do something similar? The complete UK census results are available via the Guardian newspaper's website (wonder if they had to hack any phones to get the results??). While the vast majority of UK folks claim Christianity as their religion, a small portion of England and Wales marked "other" as their religion. Of those who marked "other" most are still Jedi, but heavy metal does make an appearance...scroll down a bit and see for yourself!

screen grab from:

So the question for me is this: If Heavy Metal is an official religion, who's the metal equivalent of the Pope? I vote Lemmy (NSFW - language; and try and ignore the cheeseball cartoon stuff at the beginning)

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