We wouldn't typically post a blog about Miley Cyrus but these are some fun photos.  Besides, when you get to work and your buddies ask if you saw the pics of Hannah Montana molesting a cake, you can confidently claim to have seen.

19-year-old Miley recently threw a birthday party for her boyfriend, some dude named Liam.  I'm sure at first Liam's buddies were making fun of him for having a giant chocolate wiener cake, until they saw the Miley show.  I'm certain it was enjoyed by all who witnessed it live.

What's with Hannah and cake anyway?  Wasn't it just a coupla months ago she was in the news for getting high and eating an entire Bob Marley cake or something?

Kinda felt dirty checking out the pics since she's only 19, but I figure that's 35 in Hollywood years.  So here ya go.