If Ozzy was  a metal version of Willy Wonka. Then this guy would be his Oompa Loompa. On a recent episode of "Americas Got Talent", Little Ozzy performed in front of Big Ozzy's wife Sharon. Singing "Mama I'm Coming Home."According to loudwire.com "As the song started, Sharon turned to her fellow judge Howard Stern and said, “He’s singing the song Ozzy wrote for me,” upping the stakes a bit for Little Ozzy and setting expectations pretty high. While the mini-metaler got off to a good start, things went south pretty quickly with Stern and Howie Mandel giving him the ‘X’ right out of the gate. Sharon on the other hand showed off her softer side letting Little Ozzy finish the song, to a chorus of boos, before saying, “I have to tell you something, my husband is away from me right now, and it made me miss him even more by you singing me that song, so I really thank you.” Then she graciously dismissed him from the competition."

I think he did a damn good job. I'm thinking maybe he should start a Mini-Motley Crue band. That could work.