Gearing the kids up for Easter? Don't forget that we have a Easter Treat Hunt coming up on Saturday April 7th at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. Wrangle the kids up and get down there before 11am. The whistle will blow at 11am SHARP. This year tossing out over 20,000 eggs and that doesn't include all the candy that will be blanketing the fairgrounds. Along with a chance to win a year long pass to the Carousel. Get the full details here.

Also, don't forget to tune into the Blaze on Monday to hear the first clue on where to find this year's "Blaze Easter Keg." It could be your chance to score FREE BEER for a year from the Lucky Strike.

Now, for today's Vidiot pick, I decided to go with a Dubstep artist. Misshin is a dubstep artist out of New Zealand. According to :

Misshin is an aggressively insane dude twisting beats by the neck and crushing them into your skull. His sounds will infect your soul and split your mind into dust which will be blown away and scattered out in amongst the graveyard. Beware ! Say your prayers cos this bad boy is only just beggining to evolve into the biggest baddest smashstep warrior the world has ever seen.

On a lighter note he is alway’s keen to experiment, take risks and create something totally out of the ordinary just to piss people off.

As we get ready for Easter. I present to you the "Wabbit (Dubstep)."