OK, he's not a boy, he's actually a grown ass man, but it's the middle of winter and he's freezing his ass off.

You may know Ben, he's a long time Blaze listener and a good friend of Red's. You know Red, everybody knows Red. Anyway, back in the day, those two would come to every, and I mean EVERY Blaze event. Coupla stoner misfits. But now they're all grown up. Ben even has a real job and wears button up dress shirts to concerts.

Angel & Ben at In This Moment, notice what's missing?

We know this to be true as we saw Ben last night at the In This Moment show. Sadly, somebody stole Ben's jacket at the show. Here's the email we got this morning:

Hey Angel, whats up this is Ben.  Some a**hole stole my leather jacket last night and I was hoping you could do me a huge favor and say something about them possibly giving it back on the air today.  It was stashed under a chair in the upper balcony and if they hadn't noticed it is the middle of winter.  Not Cool.  Thanks a lot

So I responded and asked Ben to describe his jacket and got this:

Its a black leather jacket from the GAP with one cuff tighter than the other, and one cuff was missing a button.  It did have some Sweet Tarts in the inside pocket but I found them on the floor in the balcony well away from where I had it stashed.  If they could just bring it to the station or email me or something there will be no questions asked.  Thanks a lot Angel


The only thing more sad than a boy with no jacket in the winter, is finding your Sweet Tarts carelessly discarded on the floor. Especially The Wilma theater floor, yuck!
Ben and his beloved jacket during better times.
Needless to say, Ben wants his damn jacket back, please return it to the station if you borrowed it. We'll even trade you a new Blaze jacket for it. Sure it's got KC's name on it, but it's warm.
Good luck Ben!