Missoula County Commissioners picked a successor to long-time Chief Administrator Dale Bickell from inside county leadership, tabbing Clerk and Recorder Vickie Zeier for the post.

Zeier said she was informed about the new job on Thursday, April 3.

"I had an interview with the county commissioners along with three other applicants," Zeier said. "This week they talked to all the department heads in the county and they made the decision just this morning."

Zeier, who has spent the last 21 years in the clerk and recorder and elections office, said her duties will be much different with her new job.

"I'll actually oversee a lot of the departments that aren't headed up by an elected official," Zeier said. "For instance, I'll oversee finance, the road department, I'll be a liaison for the elected officials, and I'll be generally advising the county commissioners on many issues."

Zeier asked the commissioners to allow her time to see the next two elections through to completion.

"I'll continue in this position until mid-June," Zeier said. "We have two elections coming up, a school and special district elections that happen in May, and then 29 days later, the June primary. We also have tax billing going on right now for personal property and mobile homes, so it's a really busy time for my department right now,"

“Vickie is often referred to as the hardest working person in government. She’s a natural fit for such an important leadership role for Missoula County,” said Commission Chair Jean Curtiss. “She has a real hands on approach to management that will bring significant progress to a number of County initiatives.”

New Chief County Administrator Vickie Zeier