Sunday (April 27) was the official start of Missoula Craft Beer Week.

Kristine Paulsen Photography

 It's a full week of events to celebrate Missoula's amazing craft beers and breweries. Events include everything from blind tasting to dinners to 'Brews & Blades', which brings hockey and beer together at the Missoula Fairgrounds. And, of course, the 22nd annual Brewfest at Caras Park.

Big Dipper is even getting in on the action by serving Kettle House Coldsmoke ice cream starting today. Beer ice cream has to be the best idea since beer and bacon for breakfast!

More on 'Brews & Blades':

Brews and Blades: 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. || Glacier Ice Rink. 1101 South Ave. W. Glacier Ice Rink has teamed up with Draught Works Brewery to hold 'Brews and Blades' at 7 pm. This event will showcase the long-standing relationship between Missoula hockey and beer, and will feature hockey games, figure skating exhibitions and of course, Draught Works beer! Admission for spectators is $5, which includes the first beer for those over 21. Pizza slices from Tarantino's Pizzeria will also be available for purchase. Money raised from this event will be used to replace Glacier Ice Rink's aging inventory of rental skates so they can continue to provide a quality skating experience for our community.