Missoula's Jared Broxterman and his cousin D.J. Dahlquist are going to attempt to break a world record by floating from Caras Park to Astoria, Oregon. That's 637 miles.

They will be floating and rowing and if they complete the task, they will set the world record for the farthest nonstop floating trip. Jared and D.J. say they want to inspire the community to believe that anything can be achieved. They say if you have a dream and do the hard work you will achieve it, and they plan to prove just that with this record breaking float.

Jared and D.J. have no professional or expert experience in river rafting, except for floating the river in inner tubes. They have submitted their trip to The Guinness World Records and should be approved this fall. The float is planned for 4th of July weekend, 2015, with the launch at Caras Park.

For more information or to get involved, check out their Facebook fan page.