Our fellow Missoulians at Zombie Tools have made international fame with their distinct blade designs. So much so, that the Science Channel recently gave them their own show. In the show, ZT shows how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse and uses special effects to show what our home town would look like after the apocalypse strikes.

When I first caught the teaser for the show, I was bummed to find out that I had already missed the premiere of the show on the Science Channel. It premiered on Saturday 12/15. There is an encore presentation of the Surviving Zombies show on tonight starting at 9pm on the Science channel (Optimum channels 168 and 668)

According to tvrage.com

From the wild mountain town of Missoula, Mont., deep in an industrial complex of warehouses and garages, three buddies and sword-fighting aficionados are on a quest. They’re dedicated to surviving a future world dominated by the living dead… zombies. “Zorro,” Joey and Chris own and operate a blade-making business, Zombie Tools, crafting hard-core swords, machetes and throwing knives for ultimate flesh-slashing, living dead destruction. If you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you’re prepared for anything.

Could Missoula be a battleground for the zombie apocalypse? Check out the teaser trailer and pay close attention to specific landmarks in the background. You may just see your home in flames or surrounded by a horde of zombies.