This is absolutely effed up. A 47-year-old Missoula man named Joey Rene Gallegos is facing 3 felony charges after attacking his girlfriend at his apartment on campus.

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According to the Missoulian, the victim became upset about a post that her boyfriend's ex-wife made on Facebook. When she attempted to break up with him, he freaked out, gave her a box cutter, and forced her to cut the tattoo of his name from her chest. She attempted to but the pain was too great so when she stopped cutting, he beat her down and threatened to kill her.

He then locked her in a closet while he spoke with 2 friends who were also at the apartment. The victim was able to call 911 from the closet but the cops weren't able to find her upon arrival. After speaking with neighbors, they returned to the apartment to find the bleeding victim in the closet.

Joey Rene Gallegos appeared in court this morning and is being held on $100,000 bail.