Sounds like we've got our very own Grinch right here in Missoula.

After a good amount of snow fell Sunday in Missoula, many children and their families took to their favorite local sled hills for family fun. Places like Chief Charlo school, University Golf Course and Blue Mountain.

Shane Hickey and his family went to the Missoula International School for, what was supposed to be, a fun and memorable day of sledding on Sunday, December 28th. It was memorable all right. They, along with many children, were pelted by rocks.

Here is Shane's recount of what happened as posted with his YouTube video, which now has more than 13,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Today at the Missoula International School, an angry neighbor aimed his snow blower to apparently deliberately hit sledders with ice, snow and rocks. Almost no warning was given. I walked up from the bottom of the hill and was struck in the face with a rock, as were most of the parents and children. I spoke to the man and asked him to aim the spout a different direction or choose a different time, but he didn't seem to want to do that.

We arrived at the snow hill around 2pm and it was mostly empty, but once a crowd of sledders arrived he started the snow blower up. He kept this up for about 40 minutes, or coincidentally until all the sledders left the school playground.

I realize that his street probably does need to get plowed so hopefully we can all figure out a solution. But, I don't believe that he is equipped to plow city street safely with his snow blower. I know the city has their hands full, but this could possibly diffuse a dangerous situation if a plow can make its way over here. Frankly, I don't believe this is really an issue about the road, I think it's an issue of a person who is upset that sledding happens at the school. I talked with the police and they asked that if anyone sees him deliberately spraying people with the snow blower again, to please call and mention that we have already contacted the police regarding this issue.

Surely we can all find a peaceful solution to this issue that allows the people of Missoula to continue to enjoy one of the safer sledding hills in town for smaller children.


A lot of folks are asking why no one talked to him, or called the police or why we didn't leave. We did all of those things. I confronted him the instant the snow started flying and asked what he thought he was doing. I told him that kids were getting hit and it was a dangerous situation. He told me that we were breaking the law by sledding and he was going to call the cops. So, I called the cops instead. Meanwhile, most of the parents moved their kids to the bottom of the hill and then, after 40 minutes, most people just left the sledding hill. The police couldn't send anyone out to the school because there had been a bunch of wrecks in town, so I went to the PD and filed a report.


Some folks have been asking why we didn't use violence. I find it hard to believe that anyone truly thinks that beating up a 60 year old man in front a crowd of children is a good idea or that any good would come of it.


My intention with posting this video was just to make Missoula people aware that this might happen again and let them know that they are within their rights to call the police when it does.