Update: The Missoula County Attorney's Office declined to press charges.

At around 2:45 Monday afternoon, Missoula Police received a call from a pharmacy in the 2200 block of North Reserve Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains why police were called.

“An adult female had attempted to pass an altered prescription in exchange for prescription strength pain killers,” said Welsh. “The prescription was denied and officers made contact with the female and another female in the parking lot. After some initial investigation, 34-year-old Jessica Selleck was arrested.”

According to Welsh, Selleck attempted to withdraw more pills than she was prescribed.

“Based on the documents submitted in the reports, it appears that the number of pills in the prescription were altered to try and obtain more of them,” Welsh said. “It is a felony and it does fall under drug statutes for fraudulently obtaining dangerous drugs.”

This was Selleck’s first offense when it comes to fraudulently obtaining dangerous drugs.