Missoula police are investigating a reported sexual assault that allegedly occurred in a residence in the Wapikiya area on Missoula south side early Sunday morning.

Department spokesman Travis Welsh said the woman was from Lakeside and was visiting friends when the alleged rape occurred.

"A 24 year-old Lakeside woman was visiting friends at a residence on Kasota Court and she had gone to sleep on a couch overnight, and she was awakened early in the morning with a known male on top of her, who sexually assaulted her," Welsh said. "The suspect has been identified, and we are in the process of investigating the incident, which will include and interview with him at some point."

Welsh said the enhanced training that detectives have received over the past year is helping to better investigate the incident, as well as to treat the alleged victim with greater support and sensitivity.

"The case has been assigned to a detective in our Special Victims Unit," he said. "That investigator has received the enhanced training that we've spoken about in the past, and is ready to deal with case as well as others recently."

Welsh said there was no correlation between this alleged sexual assault and others that have been recently reported. No arrest has yet been made, but the investigation is continuing.

Missoula Police Department Spokesman Travis Welsh