Missoula County authorities are attempting to track down the two men in this surveillance photo as they are suspects in a local theft case. Judging by the photo, the suspected criminals seem to have had a pretty fun time spending stolen money.

"They used a stolen credit card to purchase an iPad," said Missoula County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer, Paige Pavalone. "That credit card was stolen from a gentlemen who lives up at Seeley Lake; his wallet was stolen and the contents within that wallet, including multiple credit cards were stolen. Those credit cards that were stolen... it turns out that they were used over in the Spokane Valley as well, at various motels and gas stations. They were basically having a free-for-all with these credit cards."

Both the theft of the wallet and the spending spree appear to have started on Sunday, September 29th. Pavalone says that it is still unclear how the wallet was stolen or how much money has been spent. The wallet is suspected to have been taken from the victim's home.

According to Pavalone, the victim was able to contact the credit card companies to notify them of the situation.

If you have any information about these suspects or this crime, you are urged to contact Missoula Crime Stoppers at (406) 721-4444.