The Missoula Pond Hockey Tournament is coming up on February 2nd and 3rd, the same weekend as the big game. What better weekend to fill with action packed competition? One of my favorite hockey movie scenes has got to be from the Canadian classic, "Strange Brew."

Featuring brothers, Bob and Doug Mckenzie, "Strange Brew" is the story of a brewery in Canada that brainwashes its employees into placing a mind control substance into their beer. Bob and Doug take it on themselves to get to the bottom o the conspiracy. One of my favorite scenes is when the evil Brewmeister uses the brainwashed employees to play a game of hockey.

There will be tasty adult beverages available at the upcoming Pond Hockey Tournament, but I guarantee they will not be laced with mind altering drugs. For more details on the first ever Missoula Pond Hockey tournament and how you can be a part of it, click here.