Missoula company Warm Springs Productions produces a reality show called 'No Man's Land', which airs on the History Channel and was featured this week on 'The Soup'.

Although super sexy Joel McHale describes the series as "an OK new show" during 'Reality Show Clip Time', the great humored folks at Warm Springs consider the plug as "a huge milestone". The History Channel's website describes 'No Man's Land' as:

The desert is one of the most hostile environments on Earth—a no man’s land, where civilization ends. The names on the map testify to the hardship that has been a way of life for 150 years, from Death Valley, CA to Boneyard, AZ. Those who choose to live in this barren landscape operate by a simple motto: adapt or die. It takes a special breed to survive the crippling heat, stealthy predators and volatile weather, but those who make these badlands their home find freedom and for some, escape. Survival here requires ingenuity, grit and self-reliance.


Here's the clip from The Soup, courtesy of a Warm Springs employee's cell phone. I love when you can hear him laughing at the end.