I'm on a tomato soup kick. Last year it was clam chowder, this year, 'hangover soup,' as it's known. I've been getting my soup on at The Lucky Strike, because they have fantastic home made tomato soup, plus they make a killer grilled cheese to go with it. And I was saying this on the air one morning because The Strike is our sponsor for Morning Stand Up at 9am.

As soon as I said it the phone started to ring. The first caller recommended going across the street to the Fat Cat for a better bowl of tomato. The caller after her said the Fat Cat puts in too much basil, if you want authentic 4-B's tomato, you have to go to the restaurant at the Wye, the old 4-B's she said. The next guy recommended The Elbow Room for "real" 4-B's tomato.

So I clearly sparked a soup debate.

Where do you sip tomato soup? I'll post the results next week.