Missoula's own Walking Corpse Syndrome have scored a gig opening for Soulfly in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

On the road to Jackson Hole with "Willy" guiding the way.

The band kidnapped JC and are on the road now. If you're not familiar with the Walking Corpse, they are severe dark metal with two drum kits. Their live performances are superb and their followers, the 'Corpse Walkers', are die hard believers.

The thing I personally love most about WCS are their personalities. Yeah they play dark metal, but they're not dark personalities. They are brilliantly witty, fun & kind. They're really like a piñata chock full of instruments, beer, dildos, whiskey, confetti, costumes & black t-shirts.

Make sure you catch these crazy kids at their next show in Missoula! Congrats to WCS for scoring the Soulfly gig and please bring our JC home safe and unviolated! OK, at least safe.

If Soulfly is also new to you, our recommended track is 'Back To The Primitive', check 'em out, they're rad.