That big boom you heard over the weekend was NOT the first wave of a North Korean invasion.

Turns out some bozo decided to toss some dynamite out with the trash. My favorite part of the whole story, beyond the inherent coolness of blowing things up, is that the Missoulian story doesn't really question the oddness of tossing explosives out with the weekly garbage, as if to say "eh, it's Montana. People here toss dynamite like folks in Iowa toss corn husks."

I do love explosions. I'd love to see a nuke go off (from a safe distance, of course). Writing papers on nukes is what got me through some REALLY dull general education science classes in college. In the spirit of big booms, I offer the following videos:

This is the biggest boom the US ever made. Where the Hiroshima bomb equaled about 15,000 tons of TNT (15 kilotons) this one was SUPPOSED to hit about 6,000,000 tons (6 megatons). But, since we didn't really know what we were doing, the blast ended up equaling about 15 megatons. SWEET! (as long as you're thousands of miles away)

But leave it to the Soviets to go big or go home. After we accidentally vaporized an island with that nuke above (seriously, we did), they decided to make a bomb three-and-a-half times bigger (estimated at 50-57 megatons). They called it "Czar Bomb"

July 4th needs to come soon . . . daddy wants to blow some s*it up.