I am no stranger to the "Mom v. Inappropriate Shirt" battle. When I was in high school I had to play check the trash can if I left my laundry out just in case Mom found my Tool shirt with the wrench on the back.  Whats so dirty about that? There happened to be two nuts (the threaded type) at the base of the wrench.  I eventually lost that battle.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, a woman and her son were shopping at a mall in Utah when she came upon a PacSun with an offensive T-shirt in the window. the mom asked the store manager to take them down, but he couldn't without checking with corporate. What was Mom to do? She bought all the shirts!

I looked at the PacSun site to see how bad these shirts could be and the closest thing I found to their description was the Vans Visual Tshirts.  I was expecting something so much worse than what I found. Granted, a lot of Utah is a bit more on the conservative side,  but I'm wondering what this woman would have done if she walked into a Spencers.