Montana Melee Championships is an annual tournament event gathering video game players from all over the state, and is entering its fourth year with Montana Melee Championships 2014.

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After attending the Evolution (the world’s largest video game tournament) in 2009 tournament in Las Vegas, Anaconda natives, Seth Faber and Russ Simkins discussed how they could bring their experience to Montana. While many such tournaments existed throughout the United States, the closest tournament geographically to Montana was in Calgary, Canada. Montana Melee was born and its first major event was held in July 2011.

  • Montana Melee Championships 2014
  • Friday, June 20th and Saturday, June 21st
  • Muse Comics, 2100 Stephens, in the Stephens Center
  • 11 a.m.
  • $10 admission, $5 per event
  • 9 game events

From the Montana Melee founders:

This year’s event will feature nine different gaming two loss elimination tournaments. Medals are awarded to the top three competitors in each event and a trophy is awarded to the top competitor overall. Games on are played on over a dozen gaming setups including a main stage that includes a video split onto a large projection screen which all spectators can see. After each competition is down to four players in each event all remaining matches are played on the stage. This finals event is the highlight of Montana Melee as it is a celebration of gaming culture and community.

We’ve partnered with Bread n Butter Games to provide a premium stream. The finals and tournament matches held on the stage will be broadcast on the internet at . This year’s winners will also receive seeding points that will give them special consideration for ranked seeding in the brackets at the Evo World Championships. This applies only to games that are both at Montana Melee 2014 and Evo 2014. For two consecutive years Montana Melee has earned corporate sponsorship. Finally, we are extremely proud to announce a partnership with Watson Children’s Shelter, a Missoula not for profit that serves children in crisis.