Have you guys seen the new Montana Lottery Summer Scratch X Multiplier games?

They intensify that "am I about to win big?" anticipation because there's multiple chances to win. The tickets are like other scratchers: Each one has a set of winning numbers and a set of player numbers. If the two match, you win!

But, these tickets also come with a chance to multiply your winnings:

  • Every $1 ticket includes a 5X multiplier
  • Every $2 ticket includes a 10X multiplier
  • Every $5 ticket includes a 20X multiplier
  • Every $10 ticket includes a 50X multiplier

I played a little "scratch and sniff" with these scratchers at Blaze Night at the Rustic Hut Saloon. Check out what happened:

We had a few winners in the crowd, and some happy people:

The chances to win didn't stop there. They are hosting three second-chance drawings for this series of games: July 27 for $10,000, Aug. 31 for $20,000 and Sept. 28 for $30,000. You just enter through their Player's Club app or website.

Here's the official information from the Montana Lottery:

Each ticket has a Bonus Play webcode that can be found on the front of all four Multiplier Scratch tickets and are the form of entry into the drawings. After logging into the Player's Club, simply scan the Bonus Play webcode with your mobile app or manually enter them through our Player's Club page. Mailed-in entries are not accepted. Each drawing is held separately. Entries for one drawing are not valid for any other drawing (meaning they don’t carry over into subsequent drawings).

How easy is that? Ready to try your chances? Go ahead and pick up a few tickets today. Like summer, it's only here for a limited time.