Reading your answers to the Blaze Least Worst poll confirmed what we already guys are THE biggest smart asses we know.

And that's why we like you.

There were 5 general categories with 5 questions in each, so 25 total math wizards. We're posting the results to a different category each day, today's is "Least Worst Goods & Services".

Least Worst Place To Buy Music

Missoula's home for metal, Budget CD's swept this question with comments like "Budget all the way, the ONLY place in Missoula with a metal section" and "I wouldn't be caught dead in any of the other crappy music stores in town".  And the only place with a feline mascot named Mesa...rock it Fred.  Other answers included Hastings, Rockin' Rudys, Ear Candy, Hot Topic, and....Goodwill (which is also an excellent place to purchase D-Qwan dance vids!).

Least Worst Place To Get Inked/Pierced

It was a close race but Altered Skin takes the top spot on this one, with one listener commenting "Altered hands down, Detail Dave is the sh*t!".  Agreed. Painless Steel was in at a close 2nd and props to Blaque Owl for getting a bunch of votes even though they've only been open for 2 weeks!  Favorite answer: "Montana State Corrections".

Least Worst Place To Buy A Funeral/Wedding Shirt

Awesome answers included "the Pants Store", "any store that covers western shirts, "whatever my bitch brings home" and "who the f**k died now?!".  And the winner?  Goodwill.  Spencers, Hot Topic and "Your Mom" were also mentioned several times.

Least Worst Marijuana Distributor

Once again, "your mom" snags the #1 position with actual distributor Fat Hippie getting mad props from Missoula's stoners.  KC's Med Shed, MT Pain Management, Sweetwater and Big Sky Health also got a respectable number of mentions.  Favorite answers include "any place without 'cannabis' in the name", "grandma" and "Under The Bridge Freddy".

Up tomorrow, "Least Worst Entertainment & Arts".