A recent post at Reddit asked "What's the most WTF moment you've witnessed in public?"


Just to give you a sample, pun intended, this was the first response.

I saw a guy come into the middle of a bank, pull down his pants and s**t all over the carpet.

Two edits from the entire string of comments include:

Edit: You guys have seen some really messed up s**t. I'm staying away from Walmart now also.

Edit 2: so many defecating in public stories and a lot of them at bus stops.

There are some really gruesome responses to the original question, like stories of witnessing suicides and a guy busting his neck at a GWAR show. But there are plenty of hilarious answers too, like this one.

3 drunk guys and a girl (I hope they were drunk anyway) standing in a circle outside a bar. All 3 guys were facing each other doing the helicopter d**k. This was accompanied by helicopter noises from the girl standing with them.

That's a damn hilarious chick right there.