A mountain lion sighted by a Missoula school bus driver provoked a bit of alarm for parents on the south side of Missoula after the public school system sent out warnings on Friday, September 27. "We had a report this morning from a bus driver that spotted a mountain lion on Gharrett between where Gharret intersects 55th street and where it intersects Miller Creek," said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. "We haven't had any further reports since this morning, but potentially it is still hanging in the area."

The lion was spotted early in the morning, not long after dawn. Crowser said that if found by FWP, the lion would likely be killed.

"If we were able to find that lion and have evidence that it was hanging in the area, we would kill the lion," Crowser said. "If we have lions that are in the middle of town or in those fringe areas like this one around Missoula, and if it is one that is not just passing through, but is returning to a deer kill or setting up residence in the area, then that is a human safety risk."