There are a few problems Montanans encounter in the summer months. Not having enough money for vacation, popped float tubes, forest fire smoke, broken flip flops and the worst...warm beer.

We went up to Glacier Park last weekend and I found the solution to the warm summer beer. The Mountain Man Cooly Cup. I have a pretty large collection of beer koozies but none work as well as this magical hunk of log. I will admit, it's a bit awkward in my little hands, but for the mountain man, this thing is perfect for keeping your cans ice cold.

Ways you know it's legit? Well first, the company that produces it is Mountain Man Producks (that's how they spell it) and the original koozie was made with porcupine scrotums and skunk sphincters to keep it from cracking. The following explanation comes with each koozie.

You can pick up your own cooly cup at the gift shop at Glacier Park.