Even though Halloween has passed, I can't shake the urge to watch scary movies and I am not a scary movie person. The thing that I hate so much about scary movies is that they create scenes that make you afraid to do normal household things. Thanks to only a few creepy movies that I have watched in my day, I am still skittish about watching TV  taking a shower and answering the phone after dark. It may sound silly, but at least half of you have to admit that you are worried about going to the bathroom by yourself after you check out a new scary movie. Although I have seen some really freaky newer movies, I prefer the classics.Even though Halloween has come and gone, it is always a good time for a good scare.


"The Ring" (2002)

This movie has allowed me to never ever trust my TV again. Even though no one uses video cassette tapes any more, there are a few times that my TV will go static and it still scares the living daylights out of me. I really don’t want to go into this movie anymore in case you haven’t seen it, so take my word for it and check it out… It’s absolutely terrifying.


"The Shining" (1980)

"The Shining" has been dubbed Stephen King’s most popular horror movie. This movie follows a family man down the road of his mental breakdown while living in a huge, haunted hotel. If you have seen this movie, you know it speaks for itself. This is a must see anytime of the year. One of Jack Nicholson's finest performances.

"Silence of The Lambs" (1991)


“Hello Claurice.” This film was a Best Picture Oscar winner, so you know it’s good. This movie has been said to be the scariest movie built around psychology and deduction used as both crime solving tools and murder weapons. I suggest watching this movie with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Even though Halloween has passed. It is always a good time to watch a good horror movie. There is no lack of them. Be wary of the cheesy, poor acting skills and terrible story line that a lot of scary movies are guilty of, but if you can find a good classic, you can’t go wrong. Just don't scream too loud.