What do you get when you combine a goat, strip poker, whips, chains and Ron Jeremy? You got yourself the makings of the new My Darkest Days video. I have been wondering how this video would turn out after I first heard the song. And it pretty much turned out as I had assumed.

In the video, the band finds themselves walking through a hotel lobby and approached by a group of groupies. My favorite line is when one of the girls asks Sal if he can sign her boobs. And he says "They don't call us artists for nothing." Then each band member makes their way to their rooms which pretty much turns into a cross between Fantasy Island and the Bunny Ranch.

Keep an eye out for a cameo from Ron Jeremy and his goat. Also, I hope the person who invented the "black censored tape" burns in the deep deep south. If you want to see the (censor tape free) "XXX" rated version check out their website.