If you are thinking of adding a fluffy little kitty or a cuddly little puppy to your family, then you need to visit Petsmart this weekend for their annual adoption event. Not only will the Missoula Animal Control have pets available for adoption, but you will also see animals from numerous area shelters and rescues, including the Western Montana Humane Society. This event couldn’t have come at a better time, as the animal control is currently overrun with cats and kittens that they are trying to find good homes for.


Two years ago, I adopted my Siamese cross cat, Hex, from the humane society. I have had many cats in my life, and she has been the best. Not only is she super sweet and smart, she loves strangers and plays fetch like a dog. I truly believe that when you save an animal, they return the favor and become the best pet you could ever ask for. There is such a huge cat and dog population, that instead of paying for a purebred cat or dog, you really should consider saving a life first. Also, ask any vet and I bet he or she will tell you that mutts are all in all healthier and don’t come with many of the hereditary health issues as purebreds do.


So, if you are considering adding another addition to your life, take the drive to Petsmart in Missoula to pick out your new family member this Saturday or Sunday. Petsmart is located at 2850 North Reserve by Best Buy. The event will be held from 11a.m.to 4p.m., but the store hours are 9 a.m.to 9 p.m.on Saturday and 10 a.m to 6 p.m.on Sunday, which of course, gives you plenty of time to pick out a new bed or collar and have a tag made so your little one doesn’t get lost. They are also accepting volunteers, so contact Petsmart directly for more information on how you can help these homeless pets find new and loving families.