Big congratulations going out to Westen Super, our winner of the "Neither Heaven Nor Hell - Photo Contest." Also a big thanks to everyone who entered. Your suggestions for Missoula destinations and activities were great. The band thought they were all great too.

Earlier today I compiled all the submissions into a email and sent them the band's manager. I quickly got a reply saying

"K.C. thank you for sending the tour guide to beautiful Missoula Montana. The band cannot wait to make it back to the Rocky Mountains and to take part in what Missoula has to offer. When quickly skimming through the pictures Michael came across one he says is his favorite. He pointed out the picture from Westen Super that reads "Hold my beer and watch this."


It turns out the boys from Denmark are fans of our second amendment and love the smell of gunpowder.

Simple enough....
"Hold my beer and watch this s#!it!"

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