With the amount of "craft beer" breweries popping up all across the nation, Budweiser is starting to lose customers that are starting to develop a more sophisticated taste for their beer. As a way to keep those customers and retain their title as "King of Beers," Budweiser has released the Budweiser "Black Crown."Now, I have yet to try this, but it sounds pretty damn good. According to forbes.com

Bud describes the stuff: “With a blend of two-row caramel malt and four types of domestic hops, Budweiser Black Crown is finished on a bed of Beechwood chips for a smooth, balanced taste. Incorporating the proprietary yeast directly descended from the original Budweiser yeast strain used by Adolphus Busch in 1876, Budweiser Black Crown retains the key characteristics of Budweiser with its clean taste and high drinkability. Featuring more body, color and hop character than the flagship lager, it also has a slightly higher alcohol content at 6% ABV.”


The beer is a product of a secret project that Budweiser had that consisted of 12 brewmeisters creating their own version of the Budweiser lager.

See 3 beer snobs taste test the beer and then go decide for yourself.