This year might just be the year for you to draw that "dream hunt" you have been applying for all these years. The Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has moved up the deadline to apply for Deer and Elk permits in the state. That means all of those "good ol' boys" that always lower your chances of drawing a permit, may not get their application in "on time". Just think of the old fable the "The Grasshopper and the Ant".

For years we have been used to having all of our special permit applications in by May 31st. Except for me. Who realized on June 1st last year that I forgot to apply for the 2011 Antelope permits. DUH!

Keep in mind that the new deadline only applies to Deer and Elk drawings. Antelope, Moose, Sheep, Deer B, Elk B and Goat are still set for May. According to the Montana FWP websiteThe FWP Commission recently changed the deadline for Deer and Elk permits from June 1st to March 15th. Now you’ll have drawing results by the end of April and three additional months to make plans, scout, talk to landowners and get in shape.

So instead of getting news of your successful draw a few weeks before the kick off to Archery Season. You can now actually plan a decent trip. And make sure to "hammer down" the details before hand.

For full details on the upcoming deadline and information on how to apply online, click here.

I will be reminding you a couple more times before the deadline hits. Make sure to check out the Blaze Morning Show with Angel, starting Friday (2/10),  for daily Montana Outdoor Updates from "yours truly" or keep checking back here to the Blaze website for everything from Statewide fishing reports to Wolf Hunting quotas.