We try to make it to Silverwood at least once a summer and this year we went late in the season. I'd been hearing about the rad new ride and wasn't all that excited about it until I actually saw it.The SpinCycle is 24 people completely upside down 104 feet in the air. When you open your eyes at the top, you are staring straight down at the freeway. And it's not a short ride either, if you decide you don't like it, you're screwed. Silverwood's official website describes the SpinCycle this way:

It’s the first of its kind in the world. A 104 foot tall thrill ride with a cylindrical-shaped vehicle that seats 24 people facing outward, with legs dangling and wearing only a harness. The vehicle rotates 360 degrees at 13 revolutions per minute while at the same time swings like a giant pendulum all the way upside down 104 feet above the ground bringing riders all the way around over and over again at three and a half times the normal gravitational pull. Will you be able to handle it?


Make & Model: VISA International, srl.
Height: 104 Feet
Width: 58 Feet
Gondola Rotation Speed: 13 RPM
Swing Speed: 11.5 RPM

I was at the park with the husband and 2 very brave 9-year-olds and none of them would go on with me. It was 15 minutes until closing time and a sign was up saying they weren't taking any more people in line. So I sneaked in and rode between two strangers. The guy on my right was screaming obscenities and threatening to chaunch the whole time, and the chick to my left just kept yelling "Why! Why! When will it eeend??" It's pretty intense, I laughed my buns off and can't wait to do it again!

Make sure you try out the SpinCycle next time you make it to Silverwood, and don't forget, they have Scarywood coming in October. Definitely don't recommend it for kids under 10, unless you have one of those little badasses that loves to get the crap scared out of them.

Another quick hint, there is a camp ground at Silverwood but it fills up quickly. If you're planning to go next summer I would make reservations now. Beats driving into Coeur d'Alene or Post Falls and paying for a hotel room.