I noticed that a handful of my friends posted references on Facebook about yesterday being "Back to the Future Day" - the day that Doc Brown sets the DeLorean to in the classic movie from the 1985 "Back to the Future."The whole thing started with the circulation of this photo, that was said to be a screen shot from the movie of the famed DeLorean's instrument panel.

However, sources across the web quickly dispelled that rumor with a simple clip from the movie.

One source, Mashable.com, took the extra step and found the guy responsible for editing the photo that fooled so many.

Steve Berry, who works as a social media manager, edited the image to create buzz around the "Back to the Future" trilogy Blu-ray box set. Berry said he thought everyone would know it was a fake considering a similar picture made its rounds in 2010 fooling people about the "Back to the Future" date.

Although many may be bummed that they let themselves get fooled, we should look on the bright side - we have a few more years to prepare for all of this....