Nonpoint set to perform LIVE tonight at the Palace Lounge. Today Elias and Rasheed of Nonpoint took over the 963 The Blaze Studio. Elias and Rasheed helped dish out your "Stoner Moment of the Day" and "5o'clock Temper Tantrum." They also hand selected some songs and performed a acoustic rendition of "Left For You." But now you can hear pieces of the "Takeover" that didn't make it on the air.

Hear "behind the scenes" portions of the Nonpoint takeover:

Clip 1

The boys of Nonpoint and I discuss everything from the Chapelle Show, to predicting Michael Jackson's Death, to the Super Bowl proposition bets.

Clip 2

In this clip we feature an extended cut of the first break that aired. On the topic of the Nonpoint cover of "In The Air Tonight."

Clip 3

Elias does one helluva Christopher Walken impression