I bet that just about every single person in Missoula cannot count on one hand how many friends they have working the North Dakota oil boom. It is the biggest thing to happen to the region since the gold rush. But with the riches comes the consequences. You may have heard of a train carrying crude oil, recently exploded in North Dakota. Now see the video.

According to npr.org

A dozen oil tanker rail cars burst into flames after two trains collided in eastern North Dakota on Monday.

No one was hurt during the derailment or fire, but thick black smoke was rolling off the wreckage after five explosions rocked the town of Casselton, about 10 miles west of Fargo.

The collision occurred after a westbound train carrying soybeans derailed, and an eastbound train hauling crude oil ran into it, Cecily Fong, the public information officer with the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services, tells Reuters.