Nothing wrong with being hot and having an extra vagina.  I found out about this right after Aaron Traylor discovered the true meaning of "donkey punch" so my mind was already in the gutter. 

Hailing from England, 27-year-old Hazel Jones was diagnosed with Uterus Didelphys, and already has several fan clubs popping up on Facebook.  This means not only does Hazel have two pinks, but double all the rest of the innards associated with the lack of a Y chromosome.  The thing I find interesting is that if you share this information with your friends, you will see the difference between how all you crazy guys and gals think.  You tell your girlfriend Jane, and you are fired back with a ton of questions: "Can she have kids?"  "Does Aunt Flow visit twice?"  and a lot more hygienic questions about female anatomy only a gynecologist should hear.  On the other hand, share this newly acquired info with your buddy Johnny, and it is narrowed down to two questions: "No Sh**?", and "Are they both usable?"  *Click here to read the CBS report*