Strip Club KC and I were listening to Hinder’s “Up All Night” from their “Take It To The Limit” album and I stated that everybody could agree on the Top 2 things to do “all night”, but what were the other 3?? KC always has a good answer for this kinda crap. So, as inspired by Hinder, here are our Top 5 Things To Do When We’re “Up All Night”.


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“It”–The most obvious answer.  89% of all songs on the radio are about doing the nasty, why?  Because you’d be hard pressed (pun intended) to find anybody who doesn’t like an all nighter.  Your grandmother, your best friend’s sister, that guy who sells you bagels & coffee, those people who sleep on the lawn at the courthouse….EVERYBODY wants to be up all night, doing It.
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Drinkin’–There reaches a point around 3am where your friends are all bailing to get a couple of hours rest before they have to go to work and you find yourself alone in the living room with nothing but empty beer cans and your own drunk giggles.  That’s when you say eff it and make a night of it.  Yes, go to the cupboard, get that home made sh*t your room mate brewed up last summer, bust open that weird bottle of vodka your uncle brought home from a random village in Russia.  Screw resting before work, we’ll get enough rest when we’re dead (likely of alcohol poisoning). 


Playing X-Box–You’ve been there a million times.  It’s midnight and you’re like ‘ok, it’s not THAT late, I’ll play a couple more rounds of Call Of Duty’, next thing you know it’s 4am.  You just X-Boxed it ALL night.  Loser.
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Stalking/Partying With Bands–Whether it’s Universal Choke Sign or Sevendust, nothing beats the all night post concert party.  Usually starts two ways, by stalking the tour busses behind the Wilma after the show, or by leaving the show and walking into Stocks/Bodega/Charlie B’s and seeing your favorite band standing there ordering shots.  Nearly every Missoula concert goer has experienced this…and it always leads to being up all night drinking with/bullsh*tting with/doing the band.


Trippin’–For the record, WE’VE never done this ourselves, but we’ve heard many Missoulians enjoy a full, rich night of trippin’.  Whether it’s in drop form or came in a baggy, it usually results in extreme over use of the word “dooood” and brings you to Mount Sentinel at all hours of the morning. Proper trippin’ requires a full night, free of distraction.  Or so we’ve heard.