KC tossed up a Patton Video blog yesterday

(I put the video below as well for convenience/it's just so f-ing awesome you should watch it twice purposes)

Here's my thing with all this Disney Star Wars stuff. I'm worried about a recent announcement from Disney, stating that from 2015 on we're getting one Star Wars movie per year. I love Star Wars, but I worry sometimes that big corporate conglomerates favor quantity over quality (15 years in radio . . . wonder where I got THAT idea??). But, as friends remind me, Disney's done alright with Marvel so I'll cross my fingers and see what happens.

In other Star Wars (and, oddly enough, Marvel . . . kind of) news, check this Patton Oswalt video out!

I've been a fan of Patton's for years, and this is a true gem. As crazy as his plot sounds, sadly, this is probably how the "cross-promote the bejezus out of everything we own to maximize brand messaging" marketing a-holes at Disney think. The ONLY flaw in his narrative: Chewie already died in a novel, thus established cannon precludes the possibility of a spider robot mounted with Chewbacca's head.