Going to have to start this one off with a "Back in my day...." People these days are way to sensitive. Riding in the back of the truck used to be a privilege, but a Pennsylvania couple has recently been arrested for letting their 10 yr old daughter ride in the back of their truck in a dog cage.

According to the Smoking Gun

Motorists who spotted the child in the cage (along with a small dog) called 911, triggering a police stop of the truck near the home of Abbey Carlson, the girl’s mother, and Thomas Fishinger, the woman’s boyfriend.

Carlson, 29, and Fishinger, 33, were arrested for child endangerment.

Fishinger, who was driving the truck, told cops that the child (who was unharmed) requested to ride in the cage along with the dog. Carlson and her family were traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as they returned from a Memorial Day visit to a relative’s home.