Last Spring when I was in Seattle for a Deftone's show, I found myself drunkenly wandering around downtown Seattle alone. In search of the infamous Phoenix Jones (and a pack of smokes). I did everything in my power to get his attention. For one : I was "drunk in public" two : I had no problem "Jaywalking" and three : I was a suspicious male wearing a dark hoodie and walking down dark alleys. What else do you need to attract attention from a guy looking to stop "evil-doers?"

Yesterday, Phoenix Jones supposedly maced a "May Day Protester."  Thanks to John King, from our sister station KGVO, for his story posted earlier today. In his post he wrote  : "Phoenix Jones, dresses up in an outfit complete with a bulletproof chest-plate, a stun-baton, and canisters of mace. Jones even has a secret lair behind a bookcase in a comic book store. Much like the big screen superheroes The Avengers, Jones even teams up with a group of other like-minded crime fighters known as the Rain City Superheroes. Here’s a clip of Jones in the process of stopping a car robbery."

According to Jon from KGVO, Phoenix Jones also has recently been challenged by a real life villain. A resident of Seattle is now calling himself Rex Velvet, and opposing any good that Jones has to offer the citizens of Seattle.

If this was a movie, I would totally take sides with Rex. He just seems like a likable "Bad guy." The question is "Is he as seriously committed to his "character" that he actually causes problems in Seattle?" If you have a second? I urge you to click here and answer the question "Are Costumed Vigilantes Helpful or Dangerous?"

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