HOLE-EEEEE-SCHNITZEL! Primus is coming to Missoula!!! How cool is that? A band that has been near and dear to my heart for some time now. Les Claypool is the "Master of the Bass." Father's Day 2012 is gonna be EPIC! That is why I felt the need to supply you with a Primus video as today's Vidiot pick.

This whole Vidiot segement, that I bring to you each day, was inspired by the original "vidiots" Beavis and Butthead. Very rarely do I remember a video that they goofed on during their show in the 90's. But today's video is an exception. I vividly remember seeing this video for the first time while Beavis and Butthead tore it apart with their commentary.

Even though I couldn't find a clip from that episode. I managed to find a clip of them commenting on another good Primus song. Beavis even refers to today's Vidiot pick during the clip.

Tickets for the Father's Day Primus concert at Big Sky Brewery go on sale Friday morning (3/9/12) at 10am. $35 and you can get them at Rockin Rudy's or at Big Sky Brewery. Or call 877-4-FLY-TIX.

And now for today's featured presentation. The epitome of all that is "White Trash."