You know it's a special occasion when Shawn leaves the house wearing nothing but The American Flag Speedo and a sombrero.

It's officially Maggotfest weekend in Missoula.  A special time when you can find even the meanest rugby badass with a needle and threat, intensely working on a costume.  A time when sales on anything water (beer) proof go up by 67%.

The first "friendly" match is tonight at Maggots Rugby Park at Fort Missoula with matches both Saturday and Sunday.  The official kick off party is tomorrow night at the Bodega, no cover and if you've never been to the party at the Lama Barn, you have not lived my friend.  It's pure Missoula goodness, and I guarantee you'll never be the same after. 

Welcome to Missoula rugby maniacs, see you out this weekend!